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Have you been looking for a place to order magic mushroom pills online for microdosing?. But aren’t sure where to start? You’re in luck because you’ve come to the correct site. Psychedelics us makes Buying online magic mushroom capsules, tinctures, and drink mixes as simple as possible. For example, simply add the items you want to your cart, enter your shipping information, and complete the checkout process! Finally, you’ll have your stuff in a few days if you follow the payment instructions. We are the US’s one-stop shop for high-quality microdosing mushroom capsules for sale. Please let us know if you enjoy what you’ve ordered by writing a review on the product or a Trustpilot review.

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Get ready to break through your mental barriers and creative slumps! psychedelics US all-natural, non-intoxicating Microdose Capsules give you the ability to heal, boost, and conquer every moment of your day. Additionally,you can elucidate your vision, tap into your true brainpower, and start taking control of your heaviest workloads with heightened creativity. Also, it accelerates productivity, increased euphoria and sharpened focus — the day is yours to take! Take 3 capsules daily or as needed to amplify your creativity.

Total Capsules: 30
Ingredients: Psilocybin Cubensis (100mg), 100% Pure Bee Pollen (100mg), Spirulina (100mg), Guarana (100mg), Ginko Biloba Leaf (100mg).


What is microdosing?

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You can’t seem to navigate through social media these days without coming across some form of marketing or positive story about microdosing. So, what exactly is it? It’s the practice of taking psychedelics on a daily basis in little, scarcely discernible dosages. Further, The goal is to improve your mood, productivity, creativity, and cognitive abilities. It gives certain people a laser-like focus that allows them to work with remarkable efficiency and proficiency. Others find that it delivers much-needed respite from anxiety, sadness, and other mental health issues. Over the last ten years, microdosing has been increasingly popular. And as such, Psychedelics-us is here to meet all of your microdosing needs.

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