Just a tickle Mushroom bars


3 Tablets Minimum

Just a tickle one up bar mushroom

Just a Tickle one up bar mushroom are crafted in B.C, and are made with only the highest quality cubensis mushrooms. Each bar has 3000mg or 12 pieces per bar
*These edibles may not be suitable for people with diabetes. They also may contain traces of nuts.
*Please note that edibles have a delayed time of effect and effects can last much longer than smoking. When you buy one up bar mushroom online from us do Use caution when ingesting. Also, don’t keep more as it can take up to an hour to feel the full effects of an edible. Keep out of reach of children and please do not operate heavy machinery or drive while under the influence.

Buy Just a Tickle one up bar online

When buying one up mushrooms bars online, be advised that due to circumstances that are out of our control, such as summer heat and humidity, there is a risk that the mushroom bar order may change shape on delivery. Unfortunately, edibles changing in shape is not uncommon when exposed to heat but it does not make your edibles unsafe in any way. You may put them in the fridge to restore firmness,

We do not offer any reimbursement or refunds for edibles affected by these circumstances.


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